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Who We Are

MYRA School of Business is an innovatively designed business school established in 2012 at Mysore under the aegis of the Mysore Royal Academy (MYRA). The school’s avant-garde and the architecturally acclaimed campus were inaugurated on November 4th, 2012 by Padma Bhushan Deepak Parekh, Chairman of HDFC.

MSB faculty is an eclectic mix of academic excellence and industry experience. It features professors with impeccable academic credentials from leading institutions including IIMs, IITs, JNU, NYU Stern, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Duke, and Harvard University. MSB Faculty comprises many professors with sterling track records in the industry and a wealth of real-world experience. In particular, it includes several industry leaders as Professors of Practice.

The school’s business education model has been developed in the context of the emerging need for a relook at current business education needs, given the rapidly growing focus on emerging market economies. MSB strives to prepare its students for a world yet to be imagined, to manage markets that are yet to emerge, and to lead decisively in situations that cannot be predicted.

Our Vision

To be ranked in the Top 10 in India by a recognized agency/forum.

Our Mission

To develop future-ready, globally competent, and socially conscious business leaders grounded in Indian ethos.

Our Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Creativity

Our Mascot

MSB’s mascot is the Phoenix – a mythological bird that is common to many cultures around the world, which is a symbol of renewal, change, and transformation. The school’s mascot symbolizes the culture that we embrace and nurture. ‘Change is the new school of thought’ is how our ethos is defined, and embracing change and preparing leaders for change has remained the school’s ideology. The phoenix can be seen on the walls of MSB when one walks through the institution, and it is a symbol that reminds our students and teams that embracing change and creating leaders for change is the school’s greater purpose.

Why MSB?

MYRA School of Business is a uniquely designed business school that strives to deliver global education at the heart of heritage. We are distinct by design and we embrace these differences as part of our programs. When at MSB, students gain access to several advantages including:

Boutique Business School

As a boutique business school, we are small by design – which translates to smaller cohort sizes and better student-faculty ratios for our students. The smaller cohort also helps us deliver many of our advantages including tailored education and personalized career services, ensuring an individualized learning experience for our students.

Global Curriculum

The curriculum of all programs delivered at MSB has been designed with thoughts and suggestions from academicians from across the world, and from industry experts in the country; to ensure that it meets global standards while addressing the needs of emerging markets. Emphasis is placed on the study of emerging markets and India’s unique position in the global economy. At the same time, our curriculum is carefully designed to expose students to cross-cultural business dynamics, giving them an edge in the rapidly globalizing marketplace.

Stellar Teaching Faculty

Numerous studies have found that students are often more inspired by lecturers whom they perceive to be experts in their field, and who convey enthusiasm for the subject. By sharing personal anecdotes about tackling “real world” problems with their students – faculty supplement theoretical coursework and case-studies in powerful ways. All of our courses are handled by renowned professors from the world’s most respected business schools. They conduct cutting-edge research, publish in leading academic journals, and have extensive consulting experience. Most importantly – they are all outstanding teachers with many teaching awards, whom our students will look up to.

Industry Connect

The need to develop courses and curricula that address the real-world problems of businesses motivates us to associate with industry on a regular basis. Our industry connect expands from co-designing of curriculum or expertise; to regular sharing of insights with our stakeholders. Popular events for our students and alumni to engage with the industry include CXO Power Talks, Insight Lecture series, and MSB Developmental dialogues. All these platforms are carefully intertwined into our academics and operations to ensure that any gap in academia and industry is bridged from our campus.

Tailored Education

We believe that a good management education program must offer students the right mix of structured core courses (that lay the foundation) and must have a wide selection of electives (that offer choice) to ensure that the effort invested into the program is rewarded. Our unique model of being a boutique business school helps our students achieve this as it gives them the flexibility to choose courses of their choice and tailor a program that best suits their needs. This is a cornerstone of MSB’s educational model that differentiates the school from any run-off-the-mill management programs.

Personalized Career Services

The focus on smaller cohorts also helps us understand and appreciate individual profiles – making our career services activities personalized to each student’s needs and aspirations. From day one, our career services team invests their time and effort in identifying and documenting these developmental needs, which gives each student individualized attention to their success journey.