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Student Life at MSB

Student Life at MSB is an integral part of our ethos and we at MSB put a lot of effort to ensure that student life is synonymous with student development. The activities, events, and facilities available at MSB as part of student life are crafted with a lot of care and attention to ensure that MSB translates to a place for more than learning, an ecosystem for personal development, and becomes a home away from home. Some of the focussed initiatives undertaken and delivered by the student life team include:

Professional Body Partnerships

Professional Body memberships offer students the platform to engage in activities and events that are tailored for professional development; and also offer the opportunity to connect with a larger network of professionals through various events. MSB has been constantly striving to deliver the best to our students through such associations and our ongoing memberships with organizations such as CII Mysore, NHRD Bangalore, EDIN Synergy, and Toastmasters; helping incoming students expand their professional network.


Clubs at MSB are an important part of student development. From access to a group of like-minded individuals to ensuring that campus life is made of more than just academics; clubs at MSB bring people together for several initiatives.

Our clubs are not just important for the on-campus vibe it brings but is also our outreach handles to reach out to the wider public in the city of Mysore. From awareness campaigns to social cause events, our clubs are intertwined with the developmental story of the city.

On campus, they also pave the way for thought-provoking discussions and multiple engagements that breathe life into our walls.

Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee at MSB is an internal team of resource professionals available for students to reach out to for their developmental needs. The committee and its members are constituted of MSB’s in-house faculties and experts; providing students access to a pool of mentors who take personalized approaches to deliver developmental goals.

Every student who joins MSB is assigned a primary member, who is entrusted with the task of working with the student for all developmental needs for his/her study years at the campus.

The committee also has adjunct members who are essentially subject matter experts or are practice experts; whom students can reach out to expert counsel on careers, academics, functional knowledge, and more.