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Centres of Excellence

Our Centres of Excellence are a result of our continuous effort to ensure that MSB positions itself as a thought leader in select functions. From inception, the school’s model has been one that caters to the needs of emerging markets; and our Centres of Excellence ensure that we are aligned to define ‘what next’. MSB strives to create entrepreneurially aligned, socially responsible professionals; and our Centres of Excellence provide the platform for budding managers and entrepreneurs to learn from the best.

Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurs and Family Business

We teach students with entrepreneurship dreams and those coming from a family business background all the aspects of successfully running a business. This step-by-step, practical program, led by experts in Entrepreneurship, successful and failed start-up founders, first-generation business persons, investors, CAs, and lawyers prepares students for starting and scaling their own future business ventures.

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

In April 2022, MSB joined hands with the Bherunda Foundation, a charitable trust run by the erstwhile royal family of Mysuru, and founded the Cyberverse Foundation, a COE in the emerging domain of cybersecurity. The vision of Cyberverse is to be the beacon for cybersecurity in India. The mission of Cyberverse is to facilitate the development of a very robust and resilient cybersecurity ecosystem in India.

At the heart of this COE for cybersecurity is a state-of-the-art phygital (physical plus virtual) lab. There is no comparable cybersecurity facility in the public domain in India. Cyberverse, which is engaged in capacity building in the realm of cybersecurity, offers a variety of cybersecurity training and certification programs; these programs span the gamut from basic awareness to highly specialized cybersecurity skills; they are offered to academia, industry, and governments. The phygital lab is an integral part of these training programs.

MSB is entering into partnerships with foreign universities to facilitate student certification and faculty research programs in the domain of cybersecurity. Students of MSB will have an unprecedented opportunity to develop and hone their skills in cybersecurity.