Scholarships are funds awarded to selected students for one academic year and the scholarship amount will be set off against tuition fees for that academic year.

MYRA School of Business awards many Scholarships. The most prominent among them are given to PGDM2 students based on their academic performance in PGDM1. These are as follows:

MYRA Merit Scholarships (M-Schols)
Awarded to a set of students with the highest CGPA in PGDM1
Awards range from Rupees 2.5 lakhs up to 3.5 lakhs.

MYRA High Performer Scholarships
Awarded to students with the next highest bracket CGPA in PGDM1
Awards range from Rupees 1 lakh up to 2 lakhs.
The number and amount of these Scholarships are decided by the Scholarship Committee at the beginning of the Second Academic Year. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

Students with a history of Incomplete grades or AEPs or student honor code violations will not be eligible for these awards.

For queries on the scholarships, please reach out to the Office of Admissions at admissions@myra.ac.in ; +91 99015 83333, +91 99018 53333