Scholarships are funds awarded to students with the intent to support their educational expenses and maybe either merit or need-based. Scholarships are normally given for one academic year and the scholarship amount will be set off against tuition fees for that academic year.


Scholarships Offered:


Awarded at the time of admission by the Office of Admissions.

The application of each student who applies to MYRA will be evaluated as per the scholarship criteria of MSB; that gives students a scoring out of 10 in four criteria – Academic Profile, Entrance Test Score, Case Study Analysis, and Admissions Interview – totaling a score of 40.

Apart from the stated scoring, students from a Defense Background are given an additional 5 points; and students with extra-curricular and sports representation at Intuitional (2), District (4), State (6), National (8), and International (10) levels get additional points as mentioned.

Depending on the total score, the applicant will be eligible for the following scholarship amounts:

Total ScoreAmount INR
30 or higher1,00,000

Awarded at the time of admission by the Scholarship Committee.

Special scholarships are scholarships awarded by the scholarship committee and fall into different categories.

  1. Candidates representing their country in international level sports or extra-curricular activities.
  2. Candidates with very high scores in a qualifying entrance exam (CAT – 90% and above, XAT – 90% and above, GMAT – 720 and above, GRE – 322 and above, NMAT – 280 and above).
  3. Merit cum means candidates who are outstanding but have limited or no financial means to pursue their PGDM.

These awards are for both Academic Years and are awarded against the availability of an annually approved scholarship budget. For the continuation of the award to the subsequent academic year, the Special Scholarship awardees need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0 (with no incomplete grades in case of award categories above) and must maintain good standing with no student code violations or disciplinary issues.


Scholarships awarded by the Scholarship Committee at the beginning of the Second Academic Year.

The top 3 to 5 students, or any other number as decided by the Scholarship Committee, in terms of PGDM1 CGPA, will be awarded these scholarships as follows:

Scholarship as % of PGDM2 Fees

Students with a history of Incomplete grades or AEPs or student honor code violations will not be eligible for these awards.

Scholarships awarded by the Scholarship Committee at the beginning of the Second Academic Year.

After the MYRA Merit awardees, the next set of students in PGDM1 CGPA  rankings will be eligible for these scholarships.

Students with honor code violations will be ineligible.

The minimum PGDM1 CGPA requirement and, in turn, the number of these scholarships will be determined by the Scholarship Committee.

For queries on the scholarships, please reach out to the Office of Admissions at; +91 99015 83333, +91 99018 53333, 0821 – 240 4552 – 55