Placements at MSB is a support service extended by CSO and portrays our aspiration to see personal and professional success in our graduates. Building on the wider industry connections and alumni network that the school has forged from inception, the CSO works with each student at an individual level to offer placement assistance – we call this Tailored Career Services.

The focus on smaller cohorts also helps us understand and appreciate individual profiles – making our career services activities personalized to each student’s needs and aspirations. From day one, our career services team invests their time and effort in identifying and documenting these developmental needs, which gives each student individualized attention to their success journey.

The CSO does not limit its services to campus placements alone but offers higher education assistance, and family business and entrepreneurial support (in partnership with our Centre for Entrepreneurship).

Our successes include successful alumni at managerial and leadership levels in global organizations including EY, JP Morgan, Neilsen, Infosys, United Nations, and more; to successful entrepreneurs, family business owners, and researchers.

The CSO at MSB is also one of the very few offices in the country to extend placement assistance to students for up to 3 years after graduation from the school and exemplifies our commitment towards nurturing entrepreneurially spirited yet socially responsible managers for tomorrow.


Internships at MSB is a 3-credit program and is a mandatory experience for every student towards the successful completion of their program. The CSO offers assistance for students to find the right internship based on their industry or functional preference.

Students who undertake an internship with an organization are expected to submit an internship report upon the successful completion of the internship to the CSO. The guidelines and deliverables of the internship report are communicated to students from the CSO before the start of an internship. The internship reports submitted will be graded by a faculty panel as decided by the CSO and will be taken into consideration towards the internship credits.

Internship Research Project

Students who do not qualify the eligibility criteria to apply for internships/students who do not get selected for an internship by the start of the summer internship period at MSB will be offered an internship research project from the CSO as an alternative for an internship with an organization. In such cases, the submission of the report as outlined in the internship research project will be graded by a faculty panel as decided by the CSO and will be taken into consideration towards the internship credits.

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5.0 LPA – 16 LPA

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Valliappan J

Head of Admissions and Placements & Career Services

Head of Admissions and Placements & Career Services

Valliappan J is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of work experience in industry and academia together. He has been in the industry front mainly working with the automotive sector. His academic career spans over 15 years with leading Business schools in Karnataka and Maharashtra. During his academic stint he has played multiple roles namely developing industry Institute linkages through management development programs, organizing and promoting conferences and seminars. The people management skills which he possesses helped him to be a successful placement team player establishing a strong connect with various MNC’s pan India. He is a person with strong Interpersonal skills and a passionate team player. His vision for the organization has always made him strive for excellence.


Valliappan J
Head Admissions & Placements and Career Services

+91 96327 83333


Janitha Pemmaiah
Placements and Career Services Coordinator

+91 96861 73333


Muthamma K G
Placements and Career Services Coordinator

+91 96060 75064

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