Our Centres of Excellence are a result of our continuous effort to ensure that MSB positions itself as a thought leader in select functions. From inception, the school’s model has been one that caters to the needs of emerging markets; and our Centres of Excellence ensure that we are aligned to define ‘what next’. MSB strives to create entrepreneurially aligned, socially responsible professionals; and our Centres of Excellence provide the platform for budding managers and entrepreneurs to learn from the best.

Centre of Excellence in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The Centre of Excellence in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (CEDABI) focuses on Data-Driven Innovation and its contribution to economic growth. CEDABI is MSB’s thought center that conducts research, development, and training in Analytics and Data Science for industry and academia.

Analytics & Data Science Lab

The Analytics & Data Science Lab (A&DS Lab) is a state-of-the-art facility at MSB, launched in association with ACER India and AMD India; to facilitate teaching and research in the function.

The A&DS Lab is designed to upskill students and enhance their skills in the areas of managerial decision making and strategy. This initiative by Acer and AMD focuses on the major areas of business transformation where software and technology play a critical role.

The Lab features fully networked high-end PCs and laptops equipped with the latest analytics software, allowing students to get hands-on experience in running analytical programs and statistical models. MSB also subscribes to cutting-edge analytical software to encourage future advancement in the area.

The A&DS Lab also comes equipped with facilities that encourage immersive learning, ranging from the latest audio-visual aids and 20 Mbps internet connectivity; to a design and layout that is inspired by co-working spaces to promote an open exchange of ideas. The lab also features a dedicated server that hosts networked drivers, helping in the seamless exchange of information and knowledge; facilitating trouble-free access to all the e-learning facilities, discussion forums, and shared virtual spaces.

Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Business Innovation

The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Business Innovation (CESBI) echoes one of MSB’s guiding principles of the ‘triple bottom line’ – financial, environmental, and social performance of enterprises. The CESBI strives to provide an open platform for researchers, academicians, policymakers, corporations, and non-profit organizations to converge on the design and delivery of business innovations that promote sustainability.