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MYRA School of Business is an innovatively designed business school established in 2012 at Mysore under the aegis of the Mysore Royal Academy (MYRA). The school’s avant-garde and architecturally acclaimed campus were inaugurated on November 4th, 2012 by Padma Bhushan Deepak Parekh, Chairman of HDFC.

MSB faculty is an eclectic mix of academic excellence and industry experience. It features professors with impeccable academic credentials from leading institutions including IIMs, IITs, JNU, NYU Stern, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Duke, and Harvard University.  MSB Faculty comprises many professors with sterling track records in the industry and a wealth of real-world experience.  In particular, it includes several industry leaders as Professors of Practice.

The school’s business education model has been developed in the context of the emerging need for a relook at current business education needs, given the rapidly growing focus on emerging market economies. MSB strives to prepare its students for a world yet to be imagined, to manage markets that are yet to emerge, and to lead decisively in situations that cannot be predicted.

Convocation Day 2022

Upcoming Event

MSB Convocation Day 2022

June 25, 2022
11:00 AM

Placement Stats

8.2 LPA

Average CTC

5.0 LPA – 16 LPA

CTC Range

85 %

Offers made

Scholarship 2022-23


Global Partners

Catolica Lisbon, Portugal

Catolica Lisbon, Portugal

A triple crown accredited (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) global business school at the heart of Europe.

University of Würzburg, Germany

University of Würzburg, Germany

One of the oldest Universities in the world, founded in 1402; that offers new age Masters degrees rooted in fundamentals.

IIRF Ranking 2023


9 Vision Ranking(India), Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF) - 2021
34 Best B Schools (South), Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF) - 2021
39 National Cluster Rank (India), Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF) - 2021
55 B Schools Ranking (India), Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF) - 2020
Ranked A+++ among Best B-Schools of India - 2020, Business India
Best Education Brands 2017 by The Economic Times

Student Testimonials

Hansdhari Singh, PGDM 2021

MYRA has small class sizes and a diverse student body – which has allowed me to build strong friendships and professional networks with people from all over the country. MYRA also has an extremely helpful Career Services team – and the many hours I spent with them helped me land my dream role at Deloitte. I would strongly recommend MYRA to anyone with ambitious career plans.

Hansdhari Singh, PGDM 2021

Amith V, PGDM 2021

Before joining MYRA, I was working for Amazon as a Risk Analyst. I wanted a PGDM programme that would help accelerate my career – and I felt that MYRA School of Business was the perfect fit for me. There was excellent academic rigor and lots of opportunities to network with top industry executives. Also, it was amazing to study with esteemed faculty from all over the world. Their cross-cultural experiences really enriched the coursework, and helped me launch a career in global corporate strategy.

Amith V, PGDM 2021

Adi Ganesh, PGDM 2021

“Learn to Lead Change” is a key theme in the MYRA PGDM curriculum. I feel proud to have studied at MYRA – where I was always pushed towards academic and personal excellence. And thanks to MYRA’s unique Industry Mentorship Programme – I had the opportunity to work closely with Mr. Krishna Gopal (Global Sales Head – Tech Mahindra), whose guidance helped me secure a great job in the industry.

Adi Ganesh, PGDM 2021

I joined MSB thinking that, it was all about me just graduating with a PGDM degree and landing a good corporate role. But as the first year passed, I realized MSB was about, learning, friends, debates, relationships, adapting, and collaborating in a fun and enjoyable environment….It showed me both the fun and the frustration part of doing work in groups. I started learning to appreciate every little thing that was happening around me. We were fortunate enough to have a faculty team that was supportive and approachable. Thanks to all my friends, faculty, and the entire team of MSB for making 2 years of my PGDM journey an incredible one. The shift from classroom learning to remote learning or we could call it the hybrid mode, worked well! Most people take a while to adapt to the new way, but MSB made sure to make the entire process smooth and perfect. We get to learn from the top 1 % of the world where the entire curriculum is designed by CEOs and CXOs, this was one of the factors which made me join MSB!

Anjana K S, PGDM 2021

Having just completed the 2 year PGDM at MSB, I can positively say it has changed me for the better. From peers to professors, classrooms to social events, MSB has in all way offered the best. It’s scenic campus along with its highly regarded faculty is an experience I’m grateful to have had. Even with a pandemic in place, MSB has been an incredible journey.

Sanjana, PGDM 2021

I first came across MSB a couple of years ago during one of their Master Class. The entire journey from that day to the last day of my PGDM -1 has been quite an experience. What have I learned about MSB in the past year? It is like an Onion ring, the more effort and interest you put into knowing and becoming something the more avenues and resources opened. The deeper you cut, the more you learn.
The shift from classroom learning to remote learning or we could call it the hybrid mode, worked well! Most people take a while to adapt to the new way, but MSB made sure to make the entire process smooth and perfect.
We get to learn from the top 1 % of the world where the entire curriculum is designed by CEOs and CXOs, this was one of the factors which made me join MSB!

Vignesh S, PGDM 2022

MSB’s tailored curriculum and small cohort sizes provide a personalized learning experience for everyone, which is one of the reasons why I decided to join MSB. The highly experienced faculty helped me better understand concepts through assignments, group projects,
case studies, and club activities, which gave me hands-on experience in all the different courses offered. Also, the weekly industry webinars/seminars helped me bridge the gap between academia and industry. Overall, my first year at MSB was enriching and fun. Looking forward to learning more in the year ahead.

Shreya B Shetty, PGDM 2022

MYRA School of Business is a step forward if you want to pursue your masters. We had a hybrid model of learning due to the pandemic, where few of the classes were online and few offline. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff has supported us throughout the first year in MSB. Coming to the Placements, even though we were going through the pandemic, there were a few companies that came for internships and I got an internship through the college. My first – year experience has been great so far, looking forward to the upcoming year.

Vaishnavi M H, PGDM 2022

Before applying to MSB, I compared a few B-schools. I was looking for the right location, excellent faculty and a small cohort. MSB met all of these needs. The best part about MSB unlike other B-Schools is the focus on hands on learning and experience. It has got an amazing architecture too that encourages creativity. Scholarship is one of the ways MSB chooses to recognize and reward the efforts of students. I’m grateful and honored for being one of the recipients of MSB Merit Scholarship. The journey has been great so far. Another year to complete 2 years of PGDM program, looking for an engaging second year.

Umme Roomaan, PGDM 2022


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