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Infrastructure Facilities

A unique and interesting feature about the MYRA Campus is that it comprises of seven levels without being storied. The campus features are:


The floating classroom that seats 100 – this executive education classroom sits on a pool of flowing water. It is the only academic structure of its kind in the world.


A breezy space with granite benches amidst Plumeria and Callistemon shrubs, this courtyard located in front of MAYA–the floating classroom is a popular place for students and faculty to discuss, ponder, and network.


A state-of-the-art auditorium that has world-class AV facilities and with a seating capacity of 200.


Air-conditioned, pitched-floor lecture hall with a seating capacity of 70 and dual projection screens.


Air-conditioned, pitched-floor lecture hall with a seating capacity of 70 and dual projection screens.


Designed on the Brahmasthana (open courtyard) theme characteristic of south Indian homes, this courtyards are an open-to-sky green space and an ideal place for Indian classical music concerts; truly forms the heart of the MYRA campus.


Executive board room.


Faculty block with 14 personal offices for resident and visiting faculty.


The faculty lounge.


The administrative block overlooking the Jhoomla courtyard is conveniently placed to cater to regular visitors as well as servicing the student and faculty blocks.

Sattva, Tattva

Tutorial halls with a seating capacity of 20 each.


The CEO suite and Chairman’s office.

Kaundinya, Kashyapa

Air-conditioned, pitched-floor lecture halls with a seating capacity of 60 and dual projection screens each.

Sutra, Niyama

Tutorial halls with a seating capacity of 20 each.


This is the student lounge just beneath the library and overlooks the Poseidon courtyard. It offers a panoramic view of the floating classroom, Athena auditorium, and the well-manicured sprawling lawns of the campus. It has single-sweet swings and lounge sofas and is a popular place for students to relax.


The multi-storied library is a hallmark of the MYRA building. With sweeping windows, subscriptions to leading online resources, and thousands of books – it is the ideal place to study and conduct research. The Library also houses a GMAT test center.

Located on the rooftop of the MYRA campus, the terrace is no less than an observatory. With views of hills, forests, and the golden dome of the Infosys campus, it is an ideal place for networking events and cocktail receptions.


Coffee shop strategically located to cater to the needs of students, faculty, and the administrative block.