About the Speaker

Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan

Inventor of 76 Commercially Successful Patents & 28 Grants | Accenture Prolific Inventor & Infosys Cloud Tech Guru | Cloud AI Leader | IoT Big Data Analytics Expert

Dr.Madhan, an IIM-Calcutta alumnus & Accenture Prolific Inventor (Title-of-Honor given by Accenture), is an inventor of 76 Commercially Successful Cloud AI & Analytics Product Patents (including 28 Patents Granted by USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland & Australia) that are independently filed in USA, Europe/UK, Australia, Singapore & India regions. These products can generate $100M+ annual savings to 300+ clients including many Fortune 500 companies. With 18+ years of experience, he is currently the “Cloud Advisory Innovation Principal (AVP) & Lead – Cloud AI & Patents” at Accenture Innovation Hub, “Advisory Board Member” of Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, and “Founder Member” of Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India (CCICI). Prior to Accenture, he has worked as an Asst. Director & Principal Consultant at GSTF Singapore and as a Senior Member-Education & Research at Infosys. He holds a Ph.D. in Cloud Computing & Analytics from Hindustan University, India and an Executive Management program EPBA specialized in Business Analytics from IIM Calcutta. He is an AWS, Azure & IBM Certified Cloud Architect and IBM, MapR Certified Big Data & Hadoop professional.

Also, Dr.Madhan has authored 10 Book Chapters published by Springer Nature USA and ibai Germany and has published 20+ refereed research papers covering a vast range of top international publishers like ACM, Elsevier, IEEE & Springer. Delivered talks in more than 100 International Conferences & Public Speaking Events worldwide.

He has received the “Top 100 Scientists Award” from IBC, Cambridge, UK in 2014. Accenture named him as “Accenture Prolific Inventor” (as 1 among 49 inventors) out of 5+ Lacs / 500K+ employees in 120+ countries as of 2019. He is also the recipient of the most prestigious global awards “Accenture Inventor Award” for 4 consecutive years from 2017-20 and “Cloud Tech Guru Award” from Infosys in 2012. In 2020, he has received a special recognition letter from Accenture CEO for his patents and innovations. He has featured 4 times at the “Accenture Greater Than Awards” in 2018 (India Winner), 2019 (Global Top 33), 2020 & 2021 (Global Top 13 & 12 Inventions), which is considered to be the highest recognition at Accenture in 120+ countries. He was recognized as “One of the Top 10% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles in India” by LinkedIn in 2012. He has received “The Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 2018” from Marquis, New Jersey, USA. He is also the recipient of the most prestigious “Inspiring Teacher Award 2010” from Teacher’s Academy at Osmania University, India.

Why these Webinars are Conducted?

The Industry Webinar series hosted by MYRA School of Business gives students an opportunity to connect with an expert to gain valuable industry insights.

Key Takeaways

  1. Learn about the Interesting facts and statistics about Patents
  2. Get a birds-eye view of the Global Creative Index
  3. Catch a glimpse of Intellectual Property
  4. Get an insight into the IP symbols that matter
  5. Know what Patents are from a practitioners perspective
  6. Understand how you can check your products’ Patentability
  7. Obtain a grasp on the Patenting process & get a peek into the best practices in Patenting
  8. Knowing, growing, and succeeding – learn from a few Success stories

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