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Talk by our Dearest Alumni Mr. Gopi Krishna Bellamkonda

Mr. Gopi Krishna Bellamkomda, a notable alumnus of MSB, who is currently working as a Senior Associate at Goldman Sachs gave an engaging talk that was truly a memorable experience for all in attendance. The speaker, an expert in the field of Investment Banking, covered a wide range of subjects, including the inner workings of…


WealthTech Case Study Competition

At MSB, we promote the kind of learning that is part of theoretical but mostly practical.  Today, we organized a competition for the PGDM2 students as part of the Product Management course taught by Prof. of Practice (Visiting), Varun Sridhar, CEO – Paytm Money & Asst. Prof. Marketing, Dr. Ashwani Singh. The competition was known…


Ethnic Day Celebration

Today, the student council of MYRA School of Business organized Ethnic Day Celebrations in campus during which witnessed students garbed in ethnic wear displaying the rich diversity of our cultures and traditions! Here are a few glimpses from the event.


The MYRA Cricket Tournament

The MYRA Cricket tournament was a huge success! The atmosphere was filled with youthful vigor, loud cheers and nerve-wracking intensity as 24 college teams from across Mysuru competed against each other to determine the one true winner! We congratulate the team from Yuvraja’s college for bagging 1st place and winning a cash prize worth INR…


Wolf Pack – The Entrepreneurship Club

The WolfPack at MYRA is where the wolves (students of MYRA) that are hungry for meat (entrepreneurial ideas) are on the prowl. Though it sounds a bit like a wild joke, a degree of wild spirit is what it takes to grab a share of the market through innovative startups. This is where students with…


Design of Experiments Workshop

Dr. A Muralidhara with the participants at the two-day Workshop on Design of Experiments (DOE) for Business, on Dec 14 & 15, 2022, at the MYRA School of Business. Prof. Abhijith Seetharam, who teaches analytics & data science at the business school, was instrumental in bringing in Dr. Muralidhara as a part of the courses…


Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

At MYRA, we promote practical learning over theoretical learning because it allows students to apply what they have learned to real-life situations. This can make the material more engaging and relevant, and it can also help students to retain the information more effectively. True to this, FCCA Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi, Visiting Faculty for Entrepreneurship conducted…


Kirik Party

The Kirik Party hosted by the Student Council of MYRA School of Business was truly a sight to behold with the students garbed in fashionable clothes joined by the management and faculty members, further accentuating the fun and excitement of the entire event! Throughout the day, the students participated in several games and fun activities…


Session by Prof. Raghavshyam Ramamurthy

Glad to host Prof. Raghavshyam Ramamurthy at MYRA School of Business and have him share excerpts from his experience and key insights to provide an enriching learning experience to the students. Hope to have many more such enriching learning experiences!


Best B-School in Developing Entrepreneurs and Leaders in India

We are delighted to announce that we bagged the award for the “Best B-School in Developing Entrepreneurs and Leaders in India (Pvt. Category)” at the 4th Asia Pacific Education and Technology Awards. This is a testament to the impact we have had in imparting the spirit of entrepreneurship and nurturing talented leaders of tomorrow’s business…


Short Trek by MYRAcles

A recreational activity is undertaken by the students & faculty of MYRA School of Business, with fun and laughter galore! MYRAcles trekked the slopes of Handi Gundi, which was surrounded by the picturesque view of nature’s bountiful beauty! A great way to celebrate oneness, resilience, and grit.


Student Council Elections

The elections for the MSB Student Council for the academic year 2022-23 were conducted on Nov. 16th on the MSB campus. This landmark event was held for the very first time for the following three roles in the Student Council.a. Presidentb. General Secretaryc. Convenor- MYRIAD (MSB Student Magazine) The final list of Student Council office…


Roll out of 5G Network in India & its Impact on the Indian Economy

The faculty and the administration at MYRA strongly believe that only when there is a healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas, will there be progress and development! Staying true to their thoughts, the faculty at MYRA organized a panel discussion on “Roll out of 5G network in India & its Impact on Indian Economy” Here…