Industry Webinar on ‘Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset for MBA Graduates’ Varun Sridhar, CEO – PayTM Money

Varun Sridhar, CEO - PayTM Moeny

On Friday, January 29th – Varun Sridhar (CEO – Paytm Money) delivered a virtual lecture to MYRA students as part of the “Industry Webinar Series”. This was followed by a friendly Q&A session on Monday, February 1st.

Varun’s talk was chock-full of wisdom based on personal experiences – and was extremely inspiring.

The lecture covered:

  • A detailed account of his personal career journey – told in honest, descriptive, and vivid language.
  • Insights and lessons from the Stock-Market Crash of 2008 and the Arab Spring of 2011 – and how they can be applied to the current Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Advice to students on the importance of travel, learning technology, and hard work.
  • A discussion of Paytm’s 3 large verticals: Payments, eCommerce, and Financial Services.  

The Q&A session covered:

  • The importance of pro/con lists – and how they can be used to make important business decisions
  • How young people should learn personal finance, become competent in investing, and manage their own money
  • How Paytm Money is adapting to the Covid-19 landscape
  • Why entrepreneurs should get honest feedback from professors, fellow students, people-they-don’t-like, lawyers, and CAs -before approaching prospective investors.

This webinar was part of an ongoing series, organized by the MYRA Career Services Office. These events allow MYRA students to freely and openly interact with industry leaders on topics of current interest. To register for the next webinar, please visit