Industry Webinar on Careers in ITIS by Krishna Gopal

Krishna Gopal, Global Head – Sales Enablement, Tech Mahindra.

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly (and completely) disrupted the global business landscape!

How are IT companies in India adapting to this “new normal”? Why are HR managers changing their hiring practices? What immediate steps can MBA students take to make themselves highly competitive in this new job climate?

To answer these questions, MYRA invited Krishna Gopal (Global Head – Sales Enablement, Tech Mahindra) to speak to PDGM students and faculty in a one-hour interactive webinar on “Careers in ITIS”

Krishna Gopal - Sales Enablement, Tech Mahindra

Key takeaways from the webinar were:

  • Things are changing in the business world as everything moves online. Virtual platforms are being adopted and working-from-home is now widely accepted. Sales teams will have to manage large client accounts virtually, and the days of the traveling salesman are over for now. Inside Sales, which was once considered to be “Backoffice” is now on the front line.
  • An MBA education that incorporates lessons from the global pandemic will be very valuable. A modern management education that incorporates theory, local and global case studies, group projects to encourage teamwork, and internships to offer hands-on-experience certainly prepares students to think through tough business problems.  Entrepreneurship, ownership, collaboration, passion, and learnability are important skills that need to be nurtured throughout one’s MBA journey.
  • Think beyond the MBA. It is important to supplement MBA education by signing up for behavioral, technical, or vocational short courses in areas that personally interest you. Try to develop and maintain a second-career path or start a side-business that will give you experience in business problem-solving.
  • Employees in IT should aim to be a “trusted advisor” to their clients, and provide a service that shows deep business-domain knowledge. A trusted advisor also needs the ability to research and present compelling stories. They should also be able to network and mingle with people at the CXO level, which requires self-confidence and personality development.

This webinar was part of an ongoing speaker series, organized by the MSB’s Career Services Office. The goal is to regularly provide expert industry insights to MSB students, and connect them with industry mentors.

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The session is open to current students, prospective students, and the general public.