Industry Webinar on ‘Future of Work & The Live Enterprise’ by Naresh Choudhary, VP – Infosys

Naresh Choudhary, Vice President, Reuse & Tools – Head, Infosys Ltd.

On Thursday, December 3 rd 2020, MYRA hosted Naresh Choudhary (VP – Infosys) to discuss the “future of work” in post-pandemic India, and to introduce “The Live Enterprise” – a new phrase that is becoming very popular amongst large tech companies.

The guest lecture was fascinating – and shed light on a few new concepts.

  • A “Live Enterprise” is a business that continuously evolves, learns, and innovates. Today’s businesses need to be ready for a technologically-advanced future – where next-generation, cloud-native, internet-scale architecture is engineered using open-source software, commodity hardware, and distributed agile delivery.
  • In the future, technological progress has the potential to bring unprecedented prosperity. The challenge will be to distribute this prosperity fairly, to constrain the burgeoning power of Big Tech, and to provide meaning in a world where work is no longer the center of our lives!
  • Individuals with “Z Skills” will be the ones who succeed. The term refers to the ability to zig-zag between projects and shift focus from one skill area to another. This kind of person has experience in broad skills like Empathy, Creativity, Learnability, Problem Solving, and Design Thinking.
  • Workspaces will certainly change. A simplified and fluid workspace experience will be essential. These spaces will likely consist of open-plan offices with special areas for casual collaboration and deep discussion.
  • Enterprises from the pre-cloud era will have to take big steps to employ cloud-technology, use modern apps and platforms, and eventually incorporate artificial intelligence.

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This webinar was part of an ongoing speaker series, organized by the MYRA Career Services Office. The goal is to regularly provide cutting-edge corporate insights to MYRA students – and connect them with industry mentors.

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