Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar, Executive Education, MYRA School of Business, Mysore Royal Academy Executive Education

Executive Education at MYRA School of Business helps companies and professionals gain access to the knowledge and expertise from MSB, and forms an important part of our continued efforts to share our research and insights with the industry. Rooted in our in-house knowledge, executive education is offered through open and tailored programs that cater to individual or organizational developmental needs.

The program gives individuals and organizations access to MSB’s resources that include our in-house experts, global faculty network, our state-of-the-art facilities, and research-backed insights.

MSB offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to enroll for open and tailored programs all through the year.

  • Open Programs

Our open programs are offered based on market demand and are run online or at our campus for a wider network of industry professionals. The programs are scheduled every month and offer limited seats for participation. To enroll in our latest programs, please visit the calendar.

To enquire about future programs, please write to us at mdp@myra.ac.in

  • Tailored Programs

Our tailored programs are offered to corporates and government based on specific developmental requirements. On engaging with our executive education team, organizations go through various stages of consulting services for need analysis; and our subject matter experts create tailored curriculum/offerings to meet the organization’s developmental needs.

To enquire about our offerings or to explore previous initiatives, please write to us at mdp@myra.ac.in

Successful programs that were delivered in the past include:

Metamorph – A retail sales training program designed and delivered by MSB for Acer India.

The 2-weeks intensive program was developed with the aim of training the newly recruited Acer retail sales force in critical retailing and career skills. The program was a unique initiative in the industry, and a first of its kind, where the field sales force was trained in both job and career skills at one of the top business schools.

The curriculum included topics covering the retail industry and retailing trends, consumer behavior, consultative selling, the sales process, and various self-development and behavioral skills for personal and career success. As part of the program, participants had an opportunity to apply the skills through experiential activities, simulations, and role-plays to prepare them to succeed in the competitive retail environment. Graduating participants were deployed at selected Acer stores to further their learning from customer experiences, physical layout, and technology integration.


Development Program – Karnataka Police Training Academy

55 staff of the KPA attended and benefited from this training workshop. The Workshop included two sessions — one on “Self Development through Reflective Practice” and another session on “Decoding Personality”; both aimed at developing the training teams at KPA.

  • Sales & Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Management
    • Strategic Innovation
    • Complex Sales for IT / ITES
    • Enhancing Sales Force Performance
    • Becoming Effective Sales Managers
    • Value Sales / Consultative Sales
    • Building, Nurturing, and Managing Brands
  • Finance
    • Finance for Non-Finance Managers / Executives
    • Risk Management
    • International Finance for Managers
    • Building Financial Acumen
    • Global Capital Markets
  • Leadership & HR
    • Design Thinking
    • Power & Influence
    • Negotiation & Persuasion
    • Creating and Managing High-Performance Teams
    • Leadership in VUCA World
    • Managerial Leadership & Conflict Resolution
    • Leadership Communication
  • Operations
    • Industry 4.0
    • Sourcing, Planning, and Delivery
    • Lean Management
    • Supply Chain Management
  • IT & Analytics
    • Analytics for Business
    • Data-Driven Decision Making
    • Complex High-Value Sales for IT/IT IS Industry

In-house Experts

Gain access to in-house academicians and industry experts who put theory into practice. Our in-house faculties come with ample industry and academic experience to ensure that learnings, research, and knowledge from academia are transferred to the industry aptly.

Industry Network

Our industry network gives us access to industry stalwarts and practitioners who are available as advisors for corporates and businesses to get expert counsel from. By partnering with us, you partner with our wider network of experts who can bring insight and knowledge from the industry back to academia.

Global Faculties

Our global network of faculties are experts in their fields and offer subject matter expertise on topics of relevance. They represent some of the prestigious business schools in the world, and by partnering with us you partner with globally acclaimed thought leaders who can deliver the best.

Insights tailored for Emerging Markets

Our programs, courses, and cases are purposely designed by keeping the needs of emerging markets in mind, making our offerings tailored for the market needs in the country. This emphasis increases the relevance of content delivered and improves understanding of concepts for our program participants.

State-of-the-art facilities

MSB hosts an array of world-class facilities at our campus from our architecturally acclaimed auditorium and executive classrooms; to facilities such as our analytics & data science lab or our centers of excellence, giving executives access to an industry-leading learning environment and resources.

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