Dr. Purba Halady Rao

Visiting Faculty - Analytics and Data Science

Dr. Purba Halady Rao, Visiting Faculty - Analytics and Data Sciece, MYRA School of Business




Purba Halady Rao teaches MYRA students to solve modern-day problems around the environment, local entrepreneurship, and sustainability through the use of mathematics and data analytics. She is an experienced educator, who had been recognized in a 2014 survey as one of the Top Ten Analytics Academicians in India.


Doctorate in Management, IIM Calcutta

M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Science College – University of Calcutta

B. Sc. in Mathematics, Presidency College Calcutta


  • Analytics in different business functions
  • Analytical models in market research
  • Predictive modeling in strategic decision making
  • Entrepreneurship management


  • Green and sustainable supply chains
  • Marketing consumer products and services
  • Water management from the private sector’s perspective


  • Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Manila (1998-2009)
  • Fudan University School of Economics, Shanghai
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Ahmedabad


  • “Business Analytics: An Application Focus” – currently a textbook at many major institutions
  • “Green Supply Chain Management: A Study Based on SMEs in India” (2019) Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems.
  • Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in the  Taxi Service Market in India” (2016) Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management
  • “An Application of Structural Equation Modelling to Determine the Inclusion of Climate Change Topics in MBA Education” (2017) International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Would Private Sector be Inclined to Take up Initiatives to Address Water Crisis in India?” (2016) VIKALPA The Journal for Decision Makers
  • “Impact of Climate Change: Survey of Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies of Junior Corporate Executives in India” (2014) International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management