Design of Experiments Workshop

Dr. A Muralidhara with the participants at the two-day Workshop on Design of Experiments (DOE) for Business, on Dec 14 & 15, 2022, at the MYRA School of Business. Prof. Abhijith Seetharam, who teaches analytics & data science at the business school, was instrumental in bringing in Dr. Muralidhara as a part of the courses he teaches.

The immersive workshop focused on the key data science & analytics elements of DOE’s significance & applications in business, the strategy & terminologies, comparisons of One Factor at a time (OFAT)and Multifactors, Screening and Response Surface Designs, A/B Testing, Factorial and Fractional Factorial Design, Latin Square designs, and the choice models of Conjoint, Discrete, Max Diff (Best-Worst scaling), and others. The workshop featured hands-on design creation, analyses, and interpretation of business experiments using the JMP software by the participants.