MSB Knowledge Consulting

Knowledge that is future aligned!

As a business school for tomorrow, MSB ensures that our teaching and research stay relevant to the industry. Knowledge Consulting is a research and expertise led consulting service provided by MSB to help businesses solve their business challenges.

Our knowledge experts help businesses identify the problem and recommend solutions that are based on best practices from academia and industry. In select cases, our experts also assist businesses to implement the solution. Businesses gain access to tailored consulting solutions that cater to the specific needs of organizations. With experts in fields such as Marketing, Finance, Leadership, HR, Operations, and Analytics; Knowledge Consulting at MSB offers businesses access to functional expertise that is relevant for business growth.

MSB’s consulting projects are offered in various formats including:

  • Sponsored Research

Businesses could opt to sponsor research that requires academic input. From research for improving processes to identifying competitive advantage, our research-based consulting service helps businesses gain insights to improve business.

  • Functional Consulting

Powered by our faculties and network of industry experts, functional consulting offers tailored consulting solutions to businesses, to solve a functional business challenge. Our team of experts engages with businesses to ensure that needs are analyzed and root causes are identified before we start our consulting engagement. For businesses that are future-focussed, our functional consulting offers solutions that help drive business growth.

  • Knowledge Transfer Engagements

Knowledge Transfer Engagements help businesses share projects and consulting assignments with ambitious students. Guided by our faculties and experts, our student teams deliver projects of strategic importance for businesses to solve specific challenges.



To request a consulting engagement with one of our experts, please register your interest here: