Kyra, MYRA School of Business, Mysore Royal Academy

The Career Services Office (CSO) is an integral part of the MSB ecosystem that promotes and maintains ties with industries and practice leaders; helping the school define its courses, delivery, derive industry insights, support entrepreneurship and consulting activities, and facilitate student internships and final year placements. Maintaining active linkages with companies allows MSB to establish platforms for a fruitful dialogue between students, academics, policymakers, and industry stalwarts. The CSO is a central team that helps define the challenges of today’s business world and provide insights and perspectives for the future.

Of the several services extended by the CSO to our student and alumni community, some of the vital functions include:

Industry Interactions

Industry interactions at MYRA are facilitated through our industry connect events that include CXO Power Talks, Insight Lecture series, MSB Developmental Dialogues, and Industry Webinars. All channels offer industry practitioners an opportunity to connect with academia and offer our students a chance to gain an insider understanding of an industry. These knowledge-sharing activities often pave the way for a longer association with the visiting expert/company and the institution; and are instruments to improve the school’s strategic priorities.

Alumni Association

The CSO is the nodal office that maintains and drives association with our alumni. Our alumni are across the world and represent a wider community of business professionals who are entrepreneurs, family business owners, management professionals, academicians, researchers, and more. Access to this network is often an accelerator for our students who wish to pursue a professional journey similar to one of our alumni and forms an important connection in their journey ahead.


If you are an Alumnus of MSB. To visit the Alumni page Click Here.

Industry Mentorship

Making the most of your studies, strengths, and professional networks are made easier when a mentor supports your professional development. The MSB Mentoring Programme connects students and graduates with senior-level managers who have followed a similar path – and have faced many of the same challenges, decisions, and defining moments. Such interactions allow students to clear their minds about career options and strategies they are considering.

These mentors are available to the student post-admission. Mentors provide information and advice throughout the program of study and into the future. With extensive practical business experience, they can help you bridge your education and the realities of the business world.

Internships & Placements

The CSO assists students in internships and placements to search on behalf of the institution and is the central office that facilitates student industry placements. The CSO conducts courses and programs to ensure that students receive the necessary hand-holding to enter the market completely prepared. The CSO provides mentoring, career management counseling, interview preparatory training, pre-placement assistance, corporate interaction, and assistance for CV & Cover Letter development; as part of this support extended to students. Know More.