Career Services Curriculum

Career Services Curriculum, MYRA School of Business

The Career Services Office (CSO) delivers a structured Career Services Program to ensure that students receive necessary hand-holding as they prepare for their professional journey. Every student at MSB gains access to credited and non-credited courses and programs as part of this effort, and it forms an integral part of a student’s professional journey at MSB.

The Career Services Curriculum offered at MSB gives students access to the following developmental programs:

At the beginning of the Careers Services Program, students are introduced to a self-assessment which introduces them to personality assessment and goal orientation assessment. These research-based assessments set the building blocks for the professional development program at MSB – helping students identify their strengths and improvement areas.

The Basic Career Services course is a thirty hours professional skills development program covering three areas: Questioning/Probing/Diagnostic Skills, Active Listening Skills, Articulation & Communication Skills. The aim is to provide a solid foundation for 1st year PGDM students by introducing world-class practices in these three areas which are vital for success in their rest of the PGDM program, placements & professional careers.

Advanced Career Services is a 3-credit program that students are introduced to towards the end of their program (closer to the final placement hiring season), and is a structured program that helps students take a deep-dive into industry-specific knowledge. Students undergo a rigorous course on industry, company, and case analyses that are tailored for their target industries to ensure that they are placement ready. The end objective of the course is to prepare students to understand and appreciate multiple industries, be able to analyze a company and its competitors, and explore new business models in the industry. In a nutshell, the course prepares each student to have a meaningful discussion with the recruiter.

Professional Development Workshops are non-credited short skill/knowledge training programs offered as the need/demand-based solutions for student’s developmental needs. These programs introduce students to a skill or knowledge that is in demand or that they wish to learn and includes programs on – Digital Marketing, Value Sales, Value Investing, Trading, Industry 4.0, Python, R, Excel, SPSS, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Management Consulting, and more. The end objective of these programs is to offer students value-added learning in addition to their coursework to ensure that they are industry-ready.

Industry interactions at MSB are non-credited talks of 60-90 minutes, facilitated through our industry connect events that include CXO Power Talks, Insight Lecture series, MSB Developmental Dialogues, and Industry Webinars. All channels offer industry practitioners an opportunity to connect with academia, and our students a chance to gain insider insights on an industry. These knowledge-sharing activities often pave the way for a longer association with the visiting expert/company and the institution and are instruments to improve the school’s strategic priorities.