I plan to work in India after my MBA but I preferred the teaching methodology in USA. In MYRA, I found the best of both worlds. Great faculty coming from business schools around the world, immersion based learning, case based method, interaction with industry leaders, and all this at a reasonable cost right here in India!

MYRA is all about “TRANSFORMATION” Attitude, Mindset & Approach. MYRA's approach drives me to recognize the significance of unmatched study environment with up to date global content delivered by faculty from recognized B-Schools / Universities. The course enhances my ability to lead, motivate & develop successful teams through innovative techniques with the right combination of skills and experience that are capable of
delivering an array of enterprise-class services.

Choosing to study at MYRA has easily been one of the best decisions of my life. The faculty which has been assembled is second to none and has given me a whole new perspective towards different aspects of business. There is limitless support offered by both the faculty and the administration to make our time here a memorable one. I foresee this college rank among the top B-schools in India very soon.

So what is MYRA really like? The answer—pretty awesome. It's been a journey of transformation. Joining MYRA is one of the best decisions I have made. Being part of the founding batch, there were numerous doubts about the infrastructure, course, faculty. However, these doubts were quickly put to rest once the program started. The USP of MYRA is the experience of an International MBA at an affordable cost. From the orientation program called Week
of Welcome (WoW) and the courses to the infrastructure, faculty and cohort, it truly has been 'A Journey of Transformation'

Frenzied morning bus rides, hot chocolate and over boiled Maggie coupled with some scintillating conversations, astounding lectures by eminent faculty and sleepless nights filled with dreams of becoming the next big thing have become a norm. Life at MYRA has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

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