MYRA School of Business has created the Women Achievers Hall of Fame (WAH)
The Women Achievers Hall of Fame has five goals:

  1. Recognize women achievers in business in India
  2. Inspire both women and men who study/work/visit our campus
  3. Provide a forum for research on gender equality and relations in Indian society
  4. Conduct short-term education/outreach programs to promote gender equality in schools/colleges/companies/unions
  5. Weave gender equality into the institutional culture at MYRA School of Business.

This is our way of showing concern and compassion in response to the increasing levels of violence and degradation of the standing of women in India today. We recognize that our efforts are a drop in the bucket. But we believe that every drop counts.

Our nieces, daughters and granddaughters are certain to ask what we did to improve the status of women in India. We will look at them in the eye and tell them what we did at MYRA. We can point to ratio of women participants in MYRA programs and faculty, the staff, and the Women Achievers Hall of Fame, its research output, programs and outreach work.

Come, join in MYRA's effort to promote gender equality. As James Brown sang "It's a man's world but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl."

As part of WAH, Mrs. Rashmi Bansal, writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert was inducted to the WAH! by Mrs. Indrakshi Devi, 4th daughter of His Highness late Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar, Maharaja of Mysore.

Mr.H. Vishwanath, Honourable Member of Parliament, Government of India and former Minister for Kannada & Culture, Youth & Sports, Forest, Primary & Higher Education, Government of Karnataka was the Chief Guest.

The event was organized on March 8, 2014 @ 4:00 pm @ Athena auditorium, MYRA School of Business, Mysore.


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MYRA also honoured 25 Women Achievers of Mysore (WAM), listed below:

  1. Dr. Tulasi Ramachandra
  2. Ms.A S Padma
  3. Ms.Thejaswini Amit Khodbole
  4. Ms.Damini S Raju
  5. Ms.Lakshmi
  6. Ms.Ashwini K
  7. Ms.Spoorthi G Ramakrishna
  8. Ms.Muthamma PG
  9. Dr. Geetha Avdhani
  10. Ms.Shashikala
  11. Ms.Leelavathi Indresh
  12. Ms.Modamani
  13. Ms.BT Kavitha
  14. Ms.K Ningamma
  15. Ms.Meghana
  16. Ms.T A Vasantha Kumari
  17. Dr. Nagarathnamma
  18. Ms.Yashoda Salian
  19. Ms.Kehkashan Vagh
  20. Ms.Jayalakshmi K S
  21. Ms.Vaishali Hanumanth