Age: 22

Nationality: Indian

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Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

Degree: B.Tech. from KMIT, Hyderabad

Interning: Fiat




Academic Achievements/Internships

  • Completed a project on “Advanced steganography-encryption and decryption of a text using color image pixels in an image” using java”(2013)
  • Completed a project and developing “Towers of Hanoi”(game) using Android(2012)
  • Member in Social and Responsibility and Media and Marketing club at MYRA school of business.
  • Conducted a blood camp with the help of N.T.R trust at Kurnool district
  • Class representative from 4th standard to 10th standard

Extra-Curricular activities

  • Captain of Volley ball team at district level in Kurnool.
  • Winners in District level Tennikoit competition at Govt. High School, Kurnool in (A.P) 2006.