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While new business schools come up, industry experts said the quality issue was crucial for them to survive

In a period when global economy has taken a downturn, it is necessary for students to temper their expectations and be realistic of their goals, said country head of Royal Bank of Scotland, Meera Sanyal here on Monday.

She was speaking at the inauguration of the founding batch of MYRA School of Business.

As she stepped into a business school on Monday, Meera Sanyal, a leader in banking sector, went back to her college days, reminiscing the period she studied at Mumbai and asserted that it is a special feeling.

Sanyal, chairperson and country executive-India of Royal Bank of Scotland, went down the memory lane when she visited MYRA School of Business.

MYRA’s founding batch got off to an inspiring start with chief guest, Royal Bank of Scotland Chairperson, Mrs. Meera Sanyal’s speech. Among the 10 points on Management, the theme of her address, Mrs. Sanyal spoke on management of time, management of self and management of expectations to the aspiring students. The chief guest also emphasized on the social responsibility of the management students, particularly in the context of India emerging as an economic power on the world stage.

MYRA’s first batch students received an inspiring welcome in the city on Monday. Royal Bank of Scotland Chairperson Meera Sanyal spoke to students on self-management, management of expectations.