What our students say:


Shiv Shankar (PGPX 2014-15)

(Bachelor of Science, 6 years of professional work experience at Goldman Sachs)

"The experience at MYRA is about world class faculty delivering quality course content week after week. The focus at MYRA is on building transferable skills that can be applied to real world business problems. Every course is structured to build on key skill sets required to be a successful manager. We apply business skills in our everyday lives at MYRA starting from our cricket
team auctions to planning events for the college. Life at MYRA is about a constant learning experience that allows you to practice these skills in a lab environment."


Ragini Sharma (PGDM 2013-15)

(Bachelor of Commerce. Fresh Graduate)

"MYRA being a new B-School and I being a fresh graduate, both had expectations to fulfill. The last year at MYRA was all about those expectations and experiences. Coming from far north, it was a difficult decision to make. However the college culture, the cohort and the amazing faculty made it right for me. The one thing I would definitely like to share is meeting the very vibrant and extremely smart PGPX batch of 2013-2014. They were the most encouraging, considerate and helpful people I have ever met and interacting with them definitely made a difference to my life, both personally and professionally."



Sai Pratik (PGDM 2014-16)

(B.E in Mechanical Engineering, 1+ years of professional work experience with Serco Global Services)

"Working on a case study with a sailor, debating financial accounting practices with a chartered accountant, working on an entrepreneurial project with an entrepreneur and taking coding classes from an IT guy; MYRA has given me an opportunity to do all these without leaving its state-of-the-art campus! Royal by name, royal by values and royal by the education imparted, MYRA has lived up to its promise and has shown me that you don’t need a miracle to be successful; you just have to be a MYRAcle to get there!"



Hemang Gudhka (PGPX 2014-15)

(Chartered Accountant, LLB(Gen.), Bachelor of Commerce, 5+ years of work experience at KPMG India Pvt. Ltd.)

"MYRA is exceptional in many aspects. However, I was most impressed with the amazing faculty list. It is truly remarkable for a new institute like MYRA to come up with such an elite faculty. Learning from professors from all across the world at such an affordable price makes MYRA matchless. MYRA’s unique immersion model and state-of-the-art building are simply icing on the cake.

The small batch size has benefitted me in terms of deep bonds with my peers and superior teacher-student ratio. Diverse peer group, lively study environment, really approachable professors and unconventional teaching and grading pattern make learning at MYRA a great experience."


Srinivasan M (PGDM 2013-15)

(B.Tech in Information Technology, 2 years of professional work experience with Infosys Technologies and

"My experience at MYRA has been nothing short of brilliant as I had the opportunity to interact with stellar faculty and a very diverse peer group. The teaching model and the subjects are arranged such that we gain a through understanding of subjects. This prepares us for the challenges of corporate life to follow. In short, the education here is something to be experienced to be believed."


Brinda (PGDM 2014-16)

(B.E in Instrumentation & Control. Fresh Graduate)

"Being a fresh graduate from an engineering background, I had no idea of how I will be able to manage my MBA. MYRA School of Business, a new institution attracted first with the pleasant atmosphere for studying. I found MYRA School of Business unique in its methodologies. This was another reason that motivated me to join. We had the WOW (Week of Welcome) where we came to know every one without being formally introduced to each other. I found out a lot of things about myself which I had never known before. I like being a professional and my institution is shaping my career to be at its best."




Avilaw Singh (PGPX 2014-15)

(Bachelor of Pharmacy, 7 years of professional work experience at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd., and 1 year at Glenmark))

"My experience at MYRA has been profound. I was looking for high quality education at an affordable price tag, I got exactly that. I am glad that MYRA has left no stone unturned in providing us with a high quality education which is sure to last a lifetime. Another thing which really impresses me at MYRA is the impetus on academic integrity by both its faculty and the staff; it speaks volumes about the intent and direction of the school. I am pretty satisfied with my decision to join MYRA and am looking forward to complete my journey by next year."


Upasana Patra (PGDM 2013-15)

(Bachelors in Business Administration. Fresh Graduate.)

"I consider my decision to take admission in MYRA to be among the best decisions I have made. Life at MYRA is altogether a new experience. The most fascinating part of this is the quality of faculty drawn from reputed B Schools across the globe. Truly exceptional! Apart from this, the immersion model of learning is very exciting, where two whole weeks are dedicated to a single subject. Overall it is a challenging experience which is definitely going for."


M N Ganapathy-PGDM2014-16

M N Ganapathy (PGDM 2014-16)

(B.E in Mechanical Engineering, 3+ years of professional work experience with Infosys Limited)

"My experience at MYRA has been an eye-opener, to say the least. The corporate experiences shared by the faculty, is an invaluable learning. The course itself, is both intellectually and physically challenging. The curriculum has allowed me to push my limits. Deadlines are short, and the workload is ever increasing, but quality of results is non-negotiable. Consequently, I am learning to work smarter, a skill that is absolutely indispensable for a manager in today’s fast-paced corporate world."




Manisha Nishal (PGPX 2014-15)

(Bachelors in Dental Surgery & Professional Diploma in Clinical Research, 7+ years of professional work experience with Larvol LLC group, Zion dental Care and PDM Dental College and Research Institute)

"Every day at MYRA is different and demanding especially with the immersion model of teaching. You get to work in teams involving people from different industries, which broadens your horizon and helps you learn how same problem can be approached from various perspectives. As every course ends in around 15 days, every minute you spend needs to be well planned. The world class faculty makes sure you get the gist of the subject in a well-crafted practical environment and keep you stimulated with plethora of class interactions and quizzes. The student life at MYRA revolves around learning and shaping yourself. There are different student clubs, which keep organizing events to involve other students as well as to develop their own capabilities to handle commitments, responsibilities and being in-charge. Life at MYRA is full of fun and challenges and Mysore's pleasant weather adds to the great experience. Going for a countryside ride during long weekend breaks is an immensely pleasurable and fun activity."

Ashutosh Kar-PGDM2013-15

Ashutosh Kar (PGDM 2013-15)

(B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, 4.5 years of professional work experience with Infosys Technologies, IBM India, Wipro Technologies Ltd. and Oracle Corporation.)

"The MYRA way of life is aimed at infusing into each individual, the adaptability, the energy and the industry need to learn, compete & excel in today’s world. Everything about the institution pushes us to perform better — right from the aesthetic infrastructure to the world class faculty. The almost brutal frequency of assignments & projects have made me stretch myself to the very limits of my potential."



Mohita (PGDM 2014-16)

(Bachelor of Commerce. Fresh Graduate)

"My time at MYRA has truly been learning in itself. Starting off with the “Week Of Welcome”, it was nothing short of an experience of discovering myself and relating to the goals that I have set for my future. The leadership course gave me an insight to the role of a leader not only in the corporate world, but also lessons to last me for a life time. The finance courses have aided me in two ways; by providing me with an excellent introduction to the business world and enhancing my knowledge of accounting — the language of business. I believe that education at MYRA will help me develop vital skills, to become a high achieving professional."