Dr.Rajiv Sinha, Dean, MYRA School of Business

Dean Rajiv Sinha’s address at MYRA Campus Launch

Dean Rajiv Sinha at MYRA campus launch Dean Sinha at MYRA campus launch

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Thank you so much for being here today. It is a great privilege for me to welcome all of you here – particularly Mr. Deepak Parekh who has taken some very valuable time to be present here and grace this occasion. He, Mr. Parekh has very short window here and he has to leave very soon. So, I am going to keep my comments very brief. I hope you can see from our building here, what the vision of MYRA is. You can see that we are interested in providing a very radical and innovative environment for our students – and this building is just the beginning of a long journey towards excellence that all of us­ – the faculty, the Governing Board, the students, and our corporate recruiters – hope to share and I hope you going to be part of this journey.

Why did we start MYRA? Well, first of all it was a vision started by what I call the three Urs – Shalini, Shrijay and Kantharaj. They wanted to have a world-class Business School right here in Mysore, in their hometown. And as you may know – there is world-class Business School just 100kms down the road – IIM, Bangalore. But think about the two lakhs students who take the CAT exams every year. If you take the top 10% of the CAT takers, you have 20,000 students who are absolutely brilliant with world-class talent. How many of them get into IIM? Only the top one percent. Where do the rest go? They go to other great institutions in India but there are maybe only ten or fifteen of them. Those schools can provide a good education – but outside of those, the quality of education declines very rapidly. I see my friend Amit Agnihotri here from MBAuniverse, and I am sure he can attest to this fact; the quality of faculty declines very very rapidly.

The key concept of MYRA is very simple. This is a global world. It is a global environment. And Indian students need to be exposed to global issues and solve not just managerial issues at home, but address larger issues. We want to take the best students in India and expose them to world-class faculty from the best business schools in Europe and United States, New Zealand and Asia – that is the current faculty panel and its my job to expand that and bring the very best researchers and teachers to our wonderful campus here and spend 2 weeks or 3 weeks at a time and train students in the very most important managerial issues. That is our vision – to provide a world-class environment right here in Mysore and train students who can go out and change the Indian business environment. That is what we are all about and I hope all of you are going to join us in this particular mission. Thank you very much.