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Debajyoti Chakrabarty

Research Expertise,

University of Sydney http://sydney.edu.au/research/opportunities/supervisors/1261

Associate Professor of Economics

MYRA School of Business

PhD: Rutgers University, New Jersey

Dr Debajyoti Chakrabarty is Ph.D. in Economics, 2001, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics at the University of Sydney, since 2003.
Dr Chakrabarthy has also served as Visiting Assistant Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi.

His earlier stints include Senior Fellow at the Centre for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn, Lecturer, Department of Economics, Rutgers University.

Dr Chakrabarthy is also an M.A. in Economics, 1999, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

His primary fields of expertise include Macroeconomics and Growth Theory with his secondary field being International Finance.

Honoured with Sidney Simon Outstanding Teacher Award, 2001 for excellence in teaching by a graduate student, Dr Chakravarthy also received the Sidney Simon Research Award, Rutgers University in 2000.

Member of the American Economics Association and Econometrics Society and Referee, European Economic Review, International Journal of Development Issues, Journal of

Economic Growth, Macroeconomic Dynamic ,Singapore Economic Review, Review of

Development Economics Dr Chakrabarthy’s writings feature in the following Refereed Publications - “Persistent Inequality with Endogenous Rate of Time Preference”, Indian Growth and Development Review, 2008, “Poverty traps and Growth in a model of Endogenous Time Preference”, 2012, Contributions in Macroeconomics, BE Journal of Macroeconomics,Vol. 12, “Why do the Rich Save more? A theory and Australian Evidence” (with Hajime Katayama and Hanna Maslen) and “Education, Growth and Redistribution in the Presence of Capital Flight”, (with Areendam Chanda and Chetan Ghate), Topics in Macroeconomics, BE Journal of Macroeconomics 2006.

Dr Debajyoti Chakrabarthy teaches Advanced Macroeconomic Theory at the Graduate, PhD level with Macroeconomic Analysis at the Master of Economics, Finance, MBA level.

He is presently writing on “Inequality, Optimal Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth”, Mimeo, University of Sydney, 2010, “Labour Supply Behaviour with Endogenous Rate of Time Preference: Theoretical Implications and an Empirical Test”, Mimeo, University of Sydney, “Taxation and Human Capital Accumulation with Endogenous Mortality”, Mimeo, University of Sydney.