Faculty Directory

Yasmin Ibrahim


International Business and Communications

Queen Mary, University of London, UK

PhD: London School of Economics, UK


Dr Yasmin Ibrahim is a Reader in International Business and Communications at Queen Mary, University of London and is the Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes.

Dr. Yasmin Ibrahim has a wide array of research interests which are multi-disciplinary in approach. She has published extensively in the field of media and communications. Her research on new media technologies explores the cultural dimensions and social/ethical implications of ICTs in different contexts. Beyond new media and digital technologies she writes on political communication, political mobilization and empowerment from cultural perspectives.

Her other research interests include media literacy, visual economies and risks that have emerged in digital environments with the convergence of technologies. She also writes on the construction of Islam in post-modern society and the need to build theories from post-colonial perspectives in the field of media and communications.

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Book Chapters:

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