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Master Class on Value Investing | Bangalore | Aug 12, 2017



Dr. Vikram Kuriyan-MYRAMasterclass-2017

MYRA School of Business



Value Investing


Dr.Vikram Kuriyan

CIO at K3 Advisors and formerly MD-Bank of America, New York

Ph.D.-Harvard University


Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid Hotel, #1, Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore - 560 008.

Date and Time: Saturday, August 12, 2017 | 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM


MASTERCLASS on ‘Value Investing’

Dr. Vikram Kuriyan, CIO at K3 Advisors and formerly MD-Bank of America, New York

Ph.D.- Harvard University

Bangalore, August 12, 2017

The session on August 12, 2017, “VALUE INVESTING” by Dr. Vikram Kuriyan, Ph.D., Harvard University, CIO at K3 Advisors and former Managing Director of Bank of America, New York, provided great insights into how the world’s best investors think and operate, and left the ever-eager participants with simple but powerful concepts to reflect on and apply in their own wealth creation.

Defining the Value Investor as one whose primary goal is “preservation of capital”, and as one who buys an asset below the “intrinsic value” and sells it, Dr. Kuriyan differentiated the “Trading mindset” from the “Value investing mindset”.


Dr. Kuriyan enlightened the audience with the power of the Eighth Wonder of the World, “Compounding”, and through specific case studies of Global and Indian companies in select industries that have great traction with the Value investors, explained how a Value investor gets to make a 26% plus PA compounded rate of return over even longer horizons.


Dr. Kuriyan then explored the mindset of the world’s iconic investor, Warren Buffet, and brought about the pearls of wisdom that would stand in good stead for all wealth creators.


Using the case of Berkshire Hathway, the favorite of Warren Buffet, Dr. Kuriyan analyzed the critical Value investing criteria: “Competitive advantage”, under Public market investing, Private Market investing and Financing through Float.


The powerful secrets of Value Investing that Dr. Kuriyan unearthed and presented to the audience include:

  • Patience is the key virtue for a Value Investor
  • The value lies in things that don’t change, (as against the traders’ mindset of tracking all signals of change!)
  • Value investors perceive Risk as the “Margin of Safety”, and
  • For value investors, Risk and Returns are negatively correlated!

The interactive discussions that Dr. Kuriyan had with the participants demonstrated the interest and excitement the program created. One of the participants was heard saying seriously that he would like to make a career switch from IT to Finance!


Following are some of the reactions of the participants: 

  • “I attended this session to get some idea of what the investors are looking for in PE. I got exactly what I wanted, thank you!” 
  • “Understood how Compounding can create wealth, along with safe and diversified investments” 
  • “Learnt the principles of value investing – intrinsic value, MoS, Risk and Reward” 
  • “Great speaker with great knowledge and experience” 
  • “Very specific inputs, sound and very logical concepts” 


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