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Master Class on Monetizing Digital Finance Initiatives | Bangalore | July 22, 2017




MYRA School of Business



Monetizing Digital Finance Initiatives


Dr. Govind Iyer

Hershel Anderson Endowed Professor of Taxation

University of North Texas

Ph.D.: Georgia State University


Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid Hotel, #1, Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore - 560 008.

Date and Time: Saturday, July 22, 2017 | 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM


MASTERCLASS on ‘Monetizing Digital Finance Initiatives’

Dr. Govind Iyer, Hershel Anderson Endowed Professor of Taxation, University of North Texas

Ph.D.:- Georgia State University

Bangalore, July 22, 2017

The July 22 MYRA-The Hindu Masterclass session has been an eye-opener for many of the participants who immersed themselves excitedly in the possibilities that Fintech could open up!

The Masterclass facilitator, Dr. Govind Iyer, Ph.D. from Georgia State University and Hershel Anderson Endowed Professor of Taxation, University of North Texas, used case studies to present how the traditional banking and financial models are being disrupted by digitization and the changing consumer behaviour.

Dr. Iyer explained how the digital models provide opportunities for large scale-low margin transactions that help reach out to the explosive market of communities and customers who are at the base of the pyramid, and less attractive for the traditional financial institutions who prefer high value – low volume customers.

Another advantage of fin-tech as articulated by Prof. Iyer is the customisation of offerings to every customer, by understanding the behaviours and “habits” of consumers, and offering solutions that would exactly address the need of the individual customer. Moreover, the financial institutions can even “shape” the consumer behaviour to make the target segments credit-worthy and desirable. Newer business models like Peer-to-Peer lending will strengthen to cater to the growing need of individuals as well as start-ups.

Dr. Iyer also brought up the India advantage – huge government support, high level of mobile connectivity and large underserved markets – and urged players to move beyond the current state of “automation” to the exciting possibilities of “innovation”.

Dr. Govind Iyer explained the ways to help monetise digital finance initiatives, and made participants experience the potential by working on ideas in small groups.

The intensity of class participation, small group discussions and the quality of ideas that were presented reiterated the success of the Masterclass: “Monetising Digital Finance Initiatives” by Dr. Govind Iyer.

Some of the feedback shared by the participants:

  • “Eye opener”
  • “Awesome discussions – Great value”
  • “Very engaging and Insightful session”
  • “Got answers to many of my questions as a start-up”
  • “Great ideas”
  • “Fintech is a huge opportunity”

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