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IndusTree: CXO Power Talk (19) by Mr.Jaydip Sinha, Madison Street





 Indus Tree: CXO Power Talk (19)

“Sustainable careers for sustainable business"


Shri. Jaydip Sinha

Senior Managing Director

Madison Street Capital

New Delhi

Date: Sunday, February 05, 2017 | 9:00 am

Venue: Athena Auditorium, MYRA School of Business

About the Speaker:

Mr. Jaydip Sinha, Jaydip Sinha is the Managing Director with Madison Street Capital and Heads the firm’s Operation in India. Mr. Sinha also has experience heading the Regional and Nationwide Operations of Companies in the Security and Surveillance Industry; Telecommunication Industry and Infrastructure Industry. Mr. Sinha was instrumental in setting up Joint Ventures and Raise Capital apart from sustaining and stabilizing two start up firms in India in Surveillance and Mid Market Investment Banking Arena. Mr. Sinha’s core competencies lie in Strategic Planning and Management, Market Mapping, Branding, Business Development, Process Delivery, Deal Execution and Project Management.

Mr. Jaydip Sinha has been and currently is a visiting faculty to a few Prestigious Business Schools in the Country in the areas of Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Quantitative Techniques and Project Management.

He earned his Bachelor of Science from Calcutta University and PGDBA from Academy Of Business Administration, Orissa. Mr. Sinha loves people interaction and extremely passionate about the travelling to Himalayas.

You are cordially invited

Dr. Shalini Urs

Chairperson, MYRA School of Business


IndusTree: CXO Power Talk (19)


Mr.Jaydip Sinha

Senior Managing Director, Madison Street Capital, Delhi

February 5, 2017 | The MYRA School of Business

Get your hands dirty to become a healthy manager!

Sunday’s @ MYRA are anything but lazy and laid-back. The 19th CXO Power Talk at MYRA School of Business was delivered by Mr. Jaydip Sinha, Senior Managing Director, Madison Street Capital, India.

Addressing a large audience comprising of the students and faculty of the school, Mr. Sinha began his talk on ‘Sustainable Careers for Sustainable Business’ by reiterating the fact that staying at the number one position is tougher than getting there. To sustain one’s success in career or business, one must reinvent oneself continually to remain relevant and ahead of the curve. First, clients expect engagement and handholding throughout their business cycle and a manager who identifies loopholes in the systems and processes of the client will effectively establish his though leadership. Second, there is a lot of turbulence owing to the complexities in the business environment; a manager who forecast this turbulence will become indispensible to his employer as well as his clients. Therefore only a multi-faceted individual who can work in a multi-cultural environment can have a sustainable career. It is alarming to note that the average time spent by a manager in his campus-recruited job is a meager 7 months!

This is where Mr. Sinha had some advice for Indian B-Schools. Drawing from his experiences across the world, Mr. Sinha deplored the lack of engagement between industry and academia amongst the majority of B-Schools. Most B-Schools in India dial their industry contacts only during the placement season. Otherwise the involvement of industry in shaping curriculum beyond an AICTE or UGC syllabus; in identifying and nurturing students is totally absent. Also conspicuous by its absence is the involvement of faculty members in consulting on live-projects for the industry.

Mr. Sinha signed off with a pertinent call to students to ‘get their hands dirty’!


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