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Mysore Launch of Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights (CEDABI)





The Trustees, the Governing board, Faculty, and the Students of MYRA School of Business

cordially invite you to the

Launch of Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights (CEDABI)




Mr. David J Kasik

Senior Technical Fellow

The Boeing Company

Seattle, Washington


Chief Guest


Mr. Shaji Mathew

Senior Vice President &

Global Head of Delivery - Financial Services, Head

Infosys, Mysore


  Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 | 04:00 pm

Venue: Athena Auditorium, MYRA School of Business

About the Speakers:

Mr. Shaji Mathew

Shaji Mathew serves as Vice President and Service Offering Head of FS at Infosys Ltd., and is responsible for driving solutions, delivery, engineering and operations to meet goals of the Financial Services—the largest vertical unit in Infosys.

He has additional corporate responsibility as the Head of Infosys Mysore center, comprising of a fast growing software development facility and the world's largest corporate training facility and its Leadership institute. Shaji Mathew joined Infosys Ltd. in 1992, after graduating from National Institute of Technology, Calicut with a gold medal in 1991.

During his career at Infosys spanning 24 years, Shaji Mathew has risen through the ranks—starting his career as software engineer, he went on to become Divisional Manager; Associate Vice President; Vice President and Head of Delivery; and to the current position as Senior Vice President and Global Head of Delivery.

He has served as Chairman - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Mysore zone.

Mr. David J Kasik

David J Kasik is the Boeing Company’s Senior Technical Fellow in visualization and interactive techniques. He is pursuing new ways of using visualization for huge amounts of both geometric and non-geometric data. His work with geometric data made David a pioneer in interactive 3D computer graphics. He devoted his first 11 years at Boeing to research and development of computer-aided design software. These projects led to pioneering work in interactive 3D graphics, user interface management systems, and industrial use of non-uniform rational (NURBS) solids and surfaces, which have earned accolades from IEEE and ACM computer Graphics groups.

David is working with Brazilian and Canadian researchers on use of visual analytics in a mobile environment, with Brazilian and U.S. researchers on visualization of dynamic simulations of dense crowds, with Hungarian researchers on multi-sided surface patches, and with Korean researcher on dynamic transparency for complex geometric models.



CEDABI is focused on Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) leading to increased productivity and consequently leading to economic growth.

CEDABI aims to:

1. Be a focal point and centre of expertise in Big Data Analytics in India, particularly in Karnataka

2. Address research challenges arising from Big Data; Identify and foster interdisciplinary research programs/themes and/or initiatives

3. Develop frameworks and tools for deriving Business Insights from Big Data Analytics

4. Develop and Publish Annual Indices of Business Sectors based on Data Analytics

5. Provide Training in Big Data Analytics with a focus on Business Insights

6. Offer Advisory/Consultancy Services to industry and academic organisations

7. Create an International Research Hub of experts in the domain

A unique advanced research and advisory entity—the Centre will develop a number of initiatives in advanced training and technology transfer in collaboration with industry and academia across the world.


 You are cordially invited


        Dr. Shalini Urs

 Founder & Chairperson

MYRA School of Business


         Dr. Michael Shepherd

              CEO and Professor

CEDABI, MYRA School of Business




MYRA School of Business| Wednesday, March 9, 2016 | Athena Auditorium

Launch of CEDABI, MYRA, Mysore| March 9, 2016 | 4:00 PM



MYRA School of Business, Mysore established in 2012, heralded a new era in Management Education in India with its unique blend of innovation and global perspectives.  In line with this mission to innovate and integrate especially in the domain of “Big Data”, MYRA launched a dedicated Center of Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights (CEDABI).


The highlights of the event were multi-fold:  Mr. David J Kasik, Senior Technical Fellow, the Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington, made a trip to India and arrived in Mysore exclusively for the launch of CEDABI to set the underlying tone and deliver the core message of the event in his keynote address; Mr. Shaji Mathew, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Delivery - Financial Services, and Head, Infosys Mysore, graced the occasion and added his perspectives to the Centre as well as to the event; and the traditional lighting of the lamp to formally inaugurate CEDABI, MYRA, amidst a host of special invitees who proactively participated in the launch.


Earlier in the evening, Prof. Shalini R Urs, Founder and Chairperson, welcomed the gathering saying that MYRA has begun to open its wings and fly high as was evident by the presence of Boeing, well represented by David Kasik, Senior Technical Fellow at Boeing.  She mentioned that in tune with MYRA’s philosophy of “Think Global Act Local”, Mr. Shaji Mathew, had graciously agreed to be present at a very short notice and these were indicative of BIG things to come as this was the launch of a Centre dedicated to BIG DATA.


Dr. Michael Shepherd, CEO of CEDABI, MYRA, outlined the mission, vision and goals of CEDABI and began by saying that it is often quoted that “Data is the Oil of the 21st Century”; he wished to add that “One day, we may run out of oil, but we will never run out of data”


According to Dr. Shepherd, Big data analytics is here to stay; it helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. We at CEDABI, MYRA, have a road map and a vision to be a leading Centre in Data Analytics and Business Insights in India, particularly in Karnataka, he said.  CEDABI is situated at the intersection of Industry and Analytics; DA leads to smarter business moves & more efficient operations, and Data-driven Innovation (DDI) leads to increased productivity that leads to economic growth, were the key takeaways of his address. CEDABI is committed to increasing the level of expertise; offer a course specialization in Data Analytics and Business Insights for its management students; offer a Certificate program in DABI for industry executives and pursue active research partnerships with industry, government and other academic institutions. 

He was happy to announce that the Provost and Vice President of the University of Dalhousie, Canada, will soon be visiting MYRA to draw a Memorandum of Understanding that will further enhance CEDABI’s mission and MYRA’s strong international recognition.


David J Kasik, in his insightful keynote address shared that Boeing has hugely varied domains of interest to building its aerospace products —ranging from basic physics, to statistics, networking, computing, material science, hydrogeology, natural language analysis and so on and hence the growth of data there is exponential, from terabytes to zetabytes, to say the least.  Boeing has made an impact on computing, computer graphics, visual analytics, user interface management systems, and a host of other technological developments.  His own contribution in redefining visual analytics as a science to rapidly explore large complex datasets to gain new business insights had set the stage for Boeing’s first VA project in 2006, subsequently a 5-year research with Canadian Universities in 2007—and yielded an exponential growth for analytics.  He said that Data is an asset to any company and therefore we need to pay enormous attention to data.  He deliberated that it is important to develop better understanding using Visualization techniques, and there are significant opportunities to expand visualization technology in any industry.  For CEDABI he provided a framework of structure and effort through the six different stages of processing data and with implications for assets in each stage.


Mr. Shaji Mathew in his address said that Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights.  He shared that Infosys recently reorganized itself to have a DnA (Data and Analytics) unit that is fast growing as the value of the data that flows across disciplines is humongous.  While just a few years ago, data analytics was able to bring solutions that could be used for future decisions, today’s technology allows for  big data analytics to bring to the table, both speed and efficiency; the 3 V’s —Volume, Velocity and Variety are just a few; he illustrated his speech with relevant examples of recent projects taken up by Infosys — how doctors today are able to get access to specific information to treat patients from the vast amount of data that flows across patient, pharmaceutical, hospital and research data; how the real-time data accessed from seeds, pesticides, soil, manure, weather, tractors & farming machinery, and related information is used to solve day-to-day problems of farmers as well as train them to increase productivity.  The ability to work faster and stay agile gives one and all a competitive edge that we didn’t have before.  What can be achieved through Big Data and Data Analytics is as of now, left only to the human imagination, he said, adding that now this field is still in its nascent stage.  He concluded saying that he hoped MYRA’s CEDABI will rise to the occasion and that he looked forward to be connected to the august expertise associated with MYRA and with CEDABI.


Dr. Sudhindra Seshadri, Senior Associate Dean (Academics), in his valedictory address thanked the chief guests for their insights, perspectives and guidelines for CEDABI.  Taking the cue from Mr. Mathew’s address, he said that he agreed that DA is in its nascent stage and it is like a ‘baby’ that will soon grow up to become an invaluable asset.  He added that DABI is an Arabic Word for “Gold” and hoped that MYRA’s CEDABI will yield rich outcomes for academia, industry and the society at large. 


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