MyE202 - E-Commerce
July 14 – 25, 2014
by Dr.Sudhendar Hanumantha Rao

This course is aimed at providing the student with an in-depth understanding of the still emerging field of E-Commerce. By the end of the course, the student will be able to understand the various elements that are fundamental for a successful E-Commerce enterprise and develop a business plan for developing one such E-Commerce site. Topics covered include an overview of the E-Commerce 

landscape, E-Commerce business models, technical fundamentals required for E-Commerce, security and Payment systems, E-Commerce marketing concepts and communications, Ethical and other issues involved in E-Commerce, customer service in E-Commerce, role of Social Networks and B2B E-Commerce.

The recommended text is E-Commerce 2013 (9th Edition) by K.C. Laudon and C.G. Traver. This will be supplemented by own research and online materials.

Course Schedule





 Session 1

 Introduction – Course objective, overview of the E-Commerce scenario in India, course parameters


 Session 2

Origin & history, Characteristics and types of E-Commerce. Technology, business and social aspects of E-Commerce


 Session 3

 E-Commerce Business models


Session 4

E-Commerce Infrastructure – internet and web


Session 5 

E-Commerce Infrastructure - mobile platforms and Apps


Session 6

Building an E-Commerce presence – development, implementation and



Session 7

Guest lecture – Mr. Mahendra Patwari, – Building a B2B business in
a B2C world


Session 8

Quiz – I (1 hour),
E-Commerce Security


Session 9

E-Commerce Payment Systems


Session 10

E-Commerce Marketing Concepts


Session 11

E-Commerce Marketing Communications


Session 12

E-Commerce Quiz (11) and Online Retailing


Session 13

E-Commerce Ethical, Social and Legal Issues


Session 14

E-Commerce – Online Service and Social Media


Session 15

E-Commerce – B2B & Supply Chain Management


Session 16

E-Commerce – Fulfillment, logistics, maintenance, customer loyalty & other issues

Course Material:


  • This book will be supplemented by online material, guest lectures and own research.

Course Evaluation:

Course evaluation will be on the following basis:

  • Quiz 1 - 12.5%
  • Quiz 2 - 12.5%
  • Class Project - 25%

(Details will be provided in the first session)

  • Final Exam - 50%
  • Total - 100%
  • Bonus: A bonus of up to 10% may be assigned based on productive class participation.

Course Etiquette:

Details will be discussed in first session.

Academic Integrity: A no-tolerance policy will be implemented:

  •  All material taken from the internet and other sources must be referenced diligently in your reports, etc. A failure to do so may result in a downgrade of up to one letter grade. 
  • Any cheating or collaboration during the exams may result in a downgrade of up to two letter grades.