David J Kasik
Senior Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company
Seattle, Washington

David J Kasik is the Boeing Company's Senior Technical Fellow in visualization and interactive techniques. He is pursuing new ways of using visualization for huge amounts of both geometric and non-geometric data. His work with geometric data made David a pioneer in interactive 3D computer graphics. He devoted his first 11 years at Boeing to research and development of computer-aided design software. These projects led to pioneering work in interactive 3D graphics, user interface management systems, and industrial use of non-uniform rational (NURBS) solids and surfaces.

David has worked to make 3D geometry available to the entire Boeing user community. Examples include:

• IVT/Superviewer, which lets users see an entire virtual Boeing aerospace product without using special hardware.

• Low-end visualization, which gives users access to 3D engineering drawings, parts lists, training material, etc.

• Thin client, which makes high performance, interactive 2D and 3D visualization available to remote users.

David is pioneering the use of visual analytics to help extract more information from complex non-geometric data. Visual analytics supplements more traditional analytic techniques (like statistics and data mining) with a human’s ability to use vision to find anomalies and detect trends. Emerging visual analytics tools are being explored in areas as diverse as safety and marketing.

David is working with Brazilian and Canadian researchers on use of visual analytics in a mobile environment, with Brazilian and U.S. researchers on visualization of dynamic simulations of dense crowds, with Hungarian researchers on multi-sided surface patches, and with Korean researcher on dynamic transparency for complex geometric models.

He earned his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Colorado in 1972 and a Bachelor’s in Quantitative Studies from the Johns Hopkins University in 1970. He participates in numerous professional organizations, including ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), which named David a Distinguished Scientist in 2007 and a Fellow in 2013; ACM SIGGRAPH, where he started the annual Pioneers student mentoring program and received the Outstanding Service Award in 2012; and IEEE, where he is a past member of the editorial board and current member of the Advisory board of the IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications and was recognized as a Senior Member in 2013.