Why recruit @ MYRA

‘Question every answer’ attitude.

Our curriculum is designed in a way that we emphasize the ability to think analytically. We believe it is important to instill ‘curiosity inculcation’ in every student so that as they move forward in their career, they evaluate every business problem through the lens of fundamental business disciplines. We produce leaders who are astute managers, skilled strategists, and effective problem solvers.

Rigorous selection process

We carry out a rigorous selection process in choosing our students. We are looking for students with diverse educational profiles and work experience. This provides for a holistic and comprehensive education and also improves the overall MYRA experience for the students. We select students who showcase potential for leadership, the ability to work in groups and orientation for purposeful action.

Faculty from across the world

Our courses are taught by renowned faculty from the world’s top business schools. They are cutting-edge researchers who, publish in leading international academic journals, and have extensive consulting experience. Most importantly – they are all outstanding teachers with many teaching awards.

Faculty draws on their personal research experience to design their courses. By sharing examples and anecdotes about “real world” problems with their students – they supplement theoretical coursework and narrow-case-studies in powerful ways. The interaction between students and faculty allow for practical solutions to real-world problems.

Readiness for the future

PGDM programme is designed to nurture and prepare leaders of tomorrow. We define the challenges of today’s commerce and provide tangible and ready to implement solutions for tomorrow’s businesses. By encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset amongst our students, we enhance their risk taking ability and to prepare them for an uncertain future.

Right Balance

At the MYRA School of Business we encourage our students to have the right balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Being part of various clubs and activities organized by the school and the students themselves, they get to share scholastic, philanthropic, cultural and leadership experiences while also participating in self governance. This will encourage the students to think more about social and environment issues along with economic issues as they take your organization forward.